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When we took one look at this broken down building in Boothbay Harbor we knew that our lives were going to change forever.  We have hiked, biked, paddled and traveled our way from one end of the country and one end of Canada to the other....this was finally what we had been looking for, a place to call our own....close to our families.

We have been in art related businesses since 1992, primarily as Creative Painting a successful mural business.  Pamela has painted numerous murals in  people's homes as well as some select businesses...this opportunity has provided us with travel all over New England & Arizona. Her talent on the large scale is amazing and her work ethic unrivaled when it comes to productivity, quality and detail she is at the top of the list..just ask any of our clients! Bachelor of Fine Arts in Oil Painting was the springboard(and her mom's encouragment) to a wonderful career and many great relationships that came of it.  Her concentration of painting images on canvas came from our time in Arizona at The Celebration of Fine Art show, our focus from 2003-2007.  The desert is truly a magical place, alive with so much flora & fauna..what an inspiration for us both!

I have been involved in the retail/business trade since I was 16 and customers have always been my joy. People person would describe me!  My job has been the business part of the duo, only to find that along the way my attraction to rocks of all kinds and silver would turn my creative button on.  From me meagar beginnings of wrapping seaglass (when I was in my 20's)to my appreciation for semiprecious stones and the simple beach stone, my life has been transformed and inspired by the simple beauty that the earth has to offer. 

Our goal has always been to enjoy a lifestyle that not only active in nature but thoughtful in purpose.  The Creative Turtle is a reflection of those goals....turtles are slow and steady, can live in both land and water ...translates into Pamela's love of earth. The dragonfly is born in the water and live in the and spirit are evident here.  So combine them and you have the Energy, Sprit, Earth & Color that make up The Creative Turtle Logo.  A place where you can see paintings of pets, cows, birds and flowers as well as jewelry that is organic in style.  A welcome environment to all of those who cherish the earth that we live in.
Our love of nature & animals is the driving force behind our gallery and our dream.  From what our friends & clients have told us there is not limit to what we can achieve please visit us and our beautiful state of Maine and the quaint town of Boothbay Harbor.  Bring your dogs and your love of the outdoors and stop by The Creative Turtle to say hi!

Anita & Pamela

PS...Go Red Sox!!!!
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